RSWC #057 Susan Hansen & Lori Blackwell

This summer, I headed to DC to hang out and get some shows with women from the DC Project. You’ll be seeing and hearing from of those shows.

I met Lori Blackwell at GPRC 2018 in Chicago. She’s a veterinarian who became an avid shooter and instructor. Going to pick up Lori, Susan Hansen decided to also join us. She’s a 3 gunning nana who created CrittEar, ear plugs for animals.

I drove the ladies from one hotel to another. We have only a few driving fiascoes, which they said is normal while they’re in DC.

Lori talks about joining The Well Armed Woman and starting her own instructing business, FOMO Training.

They both share stories of how they got involved in shooting sports and instructing. Susan tells us what inspired her to start CrittEar. And Lori helped her as well.

CrittEar Website

The Well Armed Woman

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FOMO Firearm Training

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Susan Hansen

The DC Project Website

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