#001 Marcus Allen Weldon

Marcus got the name "The Santa Shooter" after he had to defense himself and a friend at gun point.  He was leaving a Christmas party where he was working as a Santa Claus.

#002 Mark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of Armed American Radio!  Mark shares his story of how he used a firearm successfully without firing any shots to writing for USCCA then into starting and expanding Armed American Radio.

#003 Anthony Colandro

Anthony Colandro is the founder of Gun For Hire/Woodland Park Range in Woodland Park, NJ. A lot of great topics are covered from the similarities between MA & NJ gun laws.

Jump in the backseat of the Stagecoach!

Jumping in the backseat as Charlie Cook drives around the country with his passengers.

Sitting in the car and having a conversation is more intimate than a regular phone, radio or even a Skype interview.

Charlie & the passenger are traveling in the car, experiencing the same traffic conditions and trying to avoid potholes!

You'll get in on a conversation between 2 (maybe 3) people are they're talking and sharing their stories.

head shot with shotgun

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