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It’s always a great time to run into Matt & Klint from Meet The Pressers. We filmed a show at SHOT in 2020. And they let me use their car to film a couple other shows. This year we were able to film another show on SHOT’s Range Day. 

Since our last show, Matt has been busy getting and giving training with Public Safety & Education, his training company. He offers several of the NRA and USCCA courses. But he is also a Master Instructor for SABRE Pepper Spray and for the TASER Civilian Course. He travels the country teaching these classes. Of course, he also offers several other training opportunities. Since the Bruen decision in June 2022, he’s been doing the 18, yes EIGHTEEN, hour course to get a carry permit in New York. The NY Governor signed the Concealed Carry Improvement Act, or the Concealed Carry Improvement Atrocity as he calls it. He was able to take topics and lessons from his other courses to meet the 18 hour requirement and qualification. Some states like Massachusetts, have approved courses. States like New York have approved content in the course. 

Another new course is the Build Your Own 2A BeAR. You can build your own AR-15 style rifle, with a pinned magazine, which makes the rifle not an “assault weapon”. Matt offers about 95 different courses through PS&Ed, including teaching at the local police academy.

Other than that, Matt and I have been doing a LIVE show on our YouTube channels. We’re honored that Mantis and Next Level Training are our sponsors of the show. And we give away a Mantis X10 and a SIRT pistol every month. 

Klint is holding his own in the keeping busy department. He’s had LASIK surgery on his eyes. Yes, it may seem weird to talk about eye surgery on a gun show. The reason he did it is because if someone broke into his home, got into a confrontation, and swiped his face and knocked his glasses off, he wouldn’t be able to see them anymore. This is the outside of the box thinking that Klint does. 

He’s also a consultant with the USCCA. They have him training the trainers all around the country. As a consultant for the USCCA’’s official partners, he helps instructors build a training path for their clients. Some duties include helping with marketing and retaining clients. 

He’s been working with them for years, but they offered him a position he couldn’t turn down. He’s also been able to keep his training company, Trigger Pressers Union, offering courses. He’s doing classes with Personal Defense Network, running National Train a Teacher’s Day, president of Allegheny County Sportsman League. He’s the Vice President of Firearm Owners Against Crime. The most challenging part of all Klint’s gigs is keeping his hats separated and on correctly. He can’t speak for one group when he’s representing a different one or speaking to a different group. 

Klint talks about how after the government lockdowns of 2020, there were lots of people making purchases and seeking out training. This was very different from previous generations of gun owners. People want to buy firearms and take some training not because its required, but because they want to know how to use their new guns safely. Often he’ll tell folks to offer a basic course on having a firearm in the home and teach people how to be better consumers. 

Matt and Klint have a lot going on, individually and as a team. Between the courses locally and around the country, they’re always on the go. You should take a course with either of them when they’re in your area. And tell them Charlie said Hello!

Favorite quotes:
Matt: “It’s a corrupt government in New York state… It’s legalized crime.”
Matt: “I’m not going to let them walk out with a certificate if they can’t keep their finger off the trigger when it’s important.
Klint: “All the stuff I had in place would mean nothing if you knocked off my glasses.”
Klint: “I believe my purpose is to help empower my fellow Americans to exercise that Right to protect themselves and their families and to be their own first responders.”

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