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There has only been one other time when someone has driven the stagecoach and I was in the shotgun seat. That was episode #039 with Kevin Sona from Florida Carry. This time Joe Meaux because he had “sensitive materials” in the car and I wouldn’t know what to tell the police if we were pulled over. I met Joe in 2023 at NRA AM in Indianapolis. There was a group of us that went for dinner. This year, Brent, my roomie for the weekend ran into Joe and said he had a van full of machine guns and silencers.  How can I not film this show?

Joe lives in Louisiana and he took an interest in building firearms at a young age. He also spent time repairing lawn mowers when he was young, which came in handy when it was time to build AR. Building an AR was much more affordable than buying one. He would buy kits and put them together. Being a subject matter expert on building and working with computers gave him the chance to teach information technology and business at a local high school where he was only a few years older than the students. 

Currently, he owns Aklys Defense. His company makes silencers, suppressors, gun muffler quiet technology, a can, or a yeeter discreeter. Aklys makes their own products, but they also make some OEM products for other manufacturers. Let’s get this debate over: the first patent was for a silencer. Yes, we all know it doesn’t “silence” the sound, but the first gun muffler was called a silencer. Joe also says the ATF refers to it as a silencer, too. We’ve also just learned the ATF may be wrong about what they call items (Hello, Mr Michael Cargill!)

Joe’s teaching gig and experience with computers and web design was able to help him connect with Red Jacket Firearms. After some bartering, he was able to get a nicer AK kit in exchange for helping with their computers. He was offered a position to help build guns and he took it. 

Unbeknownst to Joe, Will Hayden, Red Jacket’s owner, submitted a sizzle reel to Discovery. It took some time to pick up Sons of Guns and make it happen. Joe says it was a little weird trying to do work, but Will wanted to build in some drama. They also had a business to run and keep going. Sons of Guns went on for five seasons and during the filming of season six, things got bad. (You can google what went down.) Joe and his partners ended up managing the business and working to change the image and branding. He made the decision to rebrand and start over as Aklys Defense. 

We do drive through Dealey Plaza twice. It’s become a tradition when we’re filming in Dallas. The second time through, I saw someone in tan pants and a black polo shirt. It ended up being Matt Mallory with Klint Macro. I’ve done two shows with the Meet The Pressers gents. I did get a copy of the clip of us driving through their video, which adds some fun! 

Joe gives us some insight into the business side of things, like having SKUs and UPCs. He’s fired many different machine guns in his time. And he also tells us his top machine guns and why he feels a connection to the grease gun from World War II. Ok.. maybe a little bit about the Vegas shooting comes up, too.  Aklys Defense is doing well and will keep doing well. If you need a silencer, check their website and get one from Aklys. I say it often, I really love my gig! I enjoy making all kinds of friends in the gun community. 

Favorite quotes:
“While the computer was defragging, I went and assembled an AK.”
“There wasn’t a lot of business drive, I thought I could help with that.”
“I lost a lot of investment money, time, credibility,”
“I worked hard to make sure the Red Jacket brand was inserted before the Sons of Guns brand.”
“We’ve made suppressors, need to learn how to make these good,”

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