RSWC #018 Paul Lathrop

Paul Lathrop

Listen to Paul’s story. He got into a verbal confrontation and told the man yelling and threatening him that he had a gun in his truck. He didn’t pull or brandish the gun. Just said he had one.

Thirty minutes afterwards, he was charged with 7 felony charges, including terrorism. His accuser said he had a silver GLOCK revolver. (Hint: GLOCK doesn’t make silver guns. Or revolvers!)

He spent 4 days in a holding cell and thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Check out Paul’s emotional story and how he received of support from his podcast, the Polite Society Podcast, & others in the firearm community.

Paul and the Polite Society Podcast simulcast the Gun Rights Policy Conference every year.

They’re also part of the Self Defense Radio Network; All Your Pro-Freedom Podcasts in One Place!