RSWC #181 Yuri Zalzman

Riding Shotgun With Charlie#181Yuri ZalzmanPhilly Gun Range Gun people are the best people. I will say this often. On a trip to Philadelphia, I had […]

RSWC #175 John Kolis

Riding Shotgun With Charlie#175John KolisInstructor & Author, Pistol Practice I noticed on my social media that “Pistol Practice” was coming up more often in my […]

RSWC #174 Tom King, NYSRPA

Riding Shotgun With Charlie#174Tom KingNew York State Rifle & Pistol AssociationNational Rifle Association BOD Member Last summer, I thought it would be good to have […]

RSWC #173 Jose Morales

Riding Shotgun With Charlie#173Jose MoralesPhilly Firearms Academy My familiarity with Jose Morales’ name started years ago. I’ve always been a fan of the Gun For […]