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Evan Nappen!  What can I say?!?! I used to listen to Evan on Gun For Hire Radio with Anthony Colandro (RSWC #003 & #025). He’s always been educating and entertaining to listen to and that’s when I became a fan. He has offices in New Jersey and New Hampshire.  I always wondered why.  I heard that he was doing a US Law Shield seminar in New Jersey and had a cold. But I feared it was worse, so I reached out and asked if he would be on the show. 

He got right back to me when I emailed and gave me a call.  We talked like old friends, I love it! We set up a time and I headed up to the Concord, NH, area to meet with him. It wasn’t the first time I saw him. I spoke at NJSAFECON in 2017 on a panel with Anthony Colandro, Tony Simon (RSWC #041) and Maj Toure. Evan was also speaking, but I was too nervous to introduce myself. But RSWC has grown and it was time to have him in the shotgun seat. 

New Jersey has been a great state for RSWC. I’ve had several of the 2A folks on the show from there. Of course, Evan didn’t disappoint even though we were in NH, he’s got very strong NJ roots. He covers a lot of NJ centered topics on his podcast, Gun Lawyer. Like everyone else I’ve met in the 2A community, Evan was friendly, kind, and a great man to be around. 

Our first quick stop is near the Hannah Dustin monument, where he explained her story.  I went back and got a few pictures of the monument and marker. We headed up I-93 North and talk about why he moved to NH, the Live Free or Die state, as well as the differences between NJ and NH. There’s a LOT of them! 

We also talk about bang, bong or badge, Constitutional carry vs permitless carry, permits vs licenses, and assault firearms and assault rifles. He’s got opinions and reasons for using each of these terms at different times. There’s lots of the ridiculousness covered about the New Jersey gun laws, ‘ghost guns’ and homemade muzzleloaders, and even some BB gun and sling shot nonsense! 

Evan shares some stories of cases he’s had from the man with the 1600’s muzzleloader, Shaneen Allen’s situation and some gun control racism, and the Brian Aitken case with moving ammunition and how to properly move hollow points from one house to another. .We cover his books on gun laws in NH and NJ, and the knife laws book, too. If you buy a book, there’s free updates, which may be good post NYSPRA v Bruen.  He also got into the Gun Lawyer Podcast, which you should be listening to, and how well that’s going. 

Evan is just a wealth of knowledge of laws and stories. He has always had me listening and paying attention on Gun Lawyer or Gun For Hire Radio. This is absolutely one that you’ll need to go back to and watch/listen to a few times. 

Favorite quotes:

“The ultimate freedom when it comes to Second Amendment rights is New Hampshire.”

“In New Hampshire, it’s a license because a permit implies a permission. And it’s not a permission, there is no permission. It’s your Right.”

“We are in a war of words with those who want to take our freedom.”

“Every gun offense in Jersey is a felony level offense.”

“It (the 2A) is what empowers individuals.”

“True Second Amendment is the ability for everyone that wants to have the Right, to exercise that Right, to defend themselves regardless of race or gender or anything.”

“If you are pro-Second Amendment, you and I are on the same side. It really boils down to that.”


00:00 Intro

01:34 Credit card knife

03:19 Evan Nappen

05:08 Bang or bong or badge

07:47 Hanna Dustin

12:23 Healthy interest

14:53 Becoming an attorney

17:19 NJ & NH

20:13 Permit vs license

21:38 CC vs PL

23:38 Assault firearm vs rifle

26:50 BB guns in NJ

29:04 “Ghost guns” in NJ

33:47 Big cases

35:03 Racism and gun control

40:55 Evan’s books

44:28 The Repeal Party

46:38 Liberty movement

47:34 Gun Lawyer Podcast

49:09 Aitken case

53:13 Closing

55:27 Tradeoff NJ/NH

58:25 Bling

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