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In February, I was at the Great American Outdoor Show with The Pen Patriot, John Petrolino (RSWC #093). As we were working the floor, we stopped at the US Law Shield booth since we’re both members (not a paid endorsement). At SHOT, we talked to the US Law Shield (USLS)  rep. He knew a couple of the representatives. I knew another. So we did the introductions of everyone. They introduced us to Mike Giaramita, one of the USLS Pennsylvania attorneys, who just happened to write Pennsylvania Gun Law: Armed and Educated. We talked for a couple minutes and swapped biz cards.

Petrolino was able to be a guest on Mike G in the Morning, Mike’s morning show on Fox News Radio and YouTube, to talk about his book, Decoding Firearms. Petrolino said I should definitely have Mike in the stagecoach and that he would be a great guest! So on a trip down to Philly, we made it happen. It’s great that Mike also has worked with Even Nappen (RSWC #148).

Mike grew up in Brooklyn, where only two kinds of people had guns; cops and criminals. As an athlete, Mike plays many sports including baseball.  He found himself in a culture shock going to college in Oklahoma and playing baseball. He had five surgeries during the college years, so that was going to leave being on the starting line up out of the question. The plan changed to be an attorney and do contract negotiations for athletes since he knows how they operate. He found himself starting a healthy addiction to firearms while he was in college. He also started the sports and entertainment law society and had several big name people come give short speeches on Skype. His crew also used to have contests that “predicted the outcome of athletics competitions” and the correct person could win a prize. Needless to say, they raised a lot of money! 

After law school, he ended up back on the East Coast and decided to settle in Pennsylvania so he could exercise this healthy addiction to firearms without the problems he would have in New York or New Jersey. The laws in Oklahoma were quite a bit different than they were in Pennsylvania.  He had to take an eight hour course in OK, with firearm safety, live fire, and firearm laws.  In PA, he was able to get a permit while a case he was working on was on break. 

While taking a job with a law firm, they took on a case in Harrisburg which involved firearms. No one else in the firm was familiar with guns, so he took the case.  There ended up being some big press and headlines with the case. That’s when he became “the gun guy” at the firm. Things took off for him after that. He was able to take his competitive sports nature and turn that into fighting for the rights of many people who became “accidental criminals” in his eyes. In 2016, Mike decided to start The Gun Law Firm and he’s been busy ever since. 

With a father that listened to lots of conservative talk radio, Mike also decided to try his hand at doing a radio show. Of course, being a guy who pushes the limit, the same is true with the radio show. The topics vary and a popular topic one day was if the men should lift the lid on the toilet up or down. Once they decided to be Snowflake Snowflakington and Sammy the Socialist. 

Mike was a great guy to hang out with and get to know. I’ve tuned in to some of his shows on YouTube, which you should also check out. Rest assured that if you’re a US Law Shield member and in the Philly area, you’ll be in Mike’s hands, which will do their best to get you safe and home with your loved ones. 

Favorite quotes: 

“I deal with a lot of accidental criminals in my practice.”

“People say we should have one set (of laws) and it’s good for everywhere. Well, you may end up with New York or New Jersey laws.”

“There is a competitive aspect to litigation.”

“There are people who want to restore their rights, and they come to me, and the reason is they want to protect their family. And if we don’t get that accomplished, then they’re not going to have the ability to protect their family.”

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