Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Charl van Wyk
Author & Stopped Terror Attack

This was a once in a life chance that had to be taken. I was speaking at a pro- gun event outside of Boston. The emcee said there was a special guest, Charl van Wyk.. I knew that name. Then he said van Wyk stopped a terror attack in Cape Town, South Africa, with a .38 Special five-shot revolver. I remember hearing this story from years ago. As I sat at the table waiting to speak, I Facebook requested him. When the speakers were done, I went right over to where he was and introduced myself. I told him about RSWC and said I’d love to have him on the show. I talked to the gentleman who was handling all of Charl’s plans. He was going to be free the next morning, but he was speaking at 2 events later in the day. I said tell me when and where I’ll be there!

I picked Charl up in Lexington, MA, before his first speaking engagement. It was a rainy day and I didn’t get any usable footage from the hood cam, but we did drive around the Lexington Battle Green where there’s a statue of Captain John Parker and his famous quote “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” We did get a selfie in front of the statue of Parker. It felt significant to have that in our background. 

Charl was in Massachusetts doing a nine state book and speaking tour. He was promoting his book, “Reloaded: Shooting Back Again”. His other book is titled, “Shooting Back- The Right and Duty of Self Defense”. Both are about his experiences having to use a handgun in self defense and in the defense of others. He’s also got another e-book, “How To Win a Gun Fight Even if You’re Not a Great Shot” is a free resource you can get. 

On a trip out to a friend’s farm for a weekend while in South Africa, Charl and his friend ran into a gang on the street who were burning tires and didn’t look like they wanted company. They were able to make a U-turn while the truck was being hit by bricks and stones. Then headed right to the police station to report the incident.  Previously he did two years of national service with the army but afterwards didn’t think he needed to arm himself for self defense. As a Christian missionary, he saw serving in the army in defense of the country as one thing and self defense as something else. An article by Larry Pratt, from Gun Owners of America, led Charl to believe that there is a biblical reason for firearm ownership. 

Charl gives us lots of details about the incident in 1993 at the church when it was attacked by terrorists.The terrorists were armed with fully automatic rifles and grenades.. He also talks about how he stopped it with his .38 snub revolver. The attack lasted about 7 seconds. (Not enough time to call the police and have them stop it.)  And about how a police officer wanted to charge him with manslaughter if he had accidently killed a parishioner, with his return fire.. Then he talks about going to the jail where the attackers were locked up and reaching out to them as a missionary. There’s also another story which leads to the “Reloaded” book. 

There are several lessons to be learned from these stories. Some about where to carry. Charl and I both often carry on our ankles and carry five-shot revolvers. His stories also point out that “gun free zones” are where attacks happen, bad guys don’t like resistance, and even a five shot revolver can end an attack. There’s lessons from every interview, so grab your notebook and jot some things down. This was a once in a lifetime chance to get his stories in person and on film. 

Favorite quotes: 
“People have become far more aware…generally speaking, is becoming more open to the idea of people having firearms to protect themselves.”
“They just see government as the Big Daddy that has to look after them from when they’re born until the time they die.”
“Now that they’re in power, they’re not sharing the freedom with us.”
“It was only when I saw the splinters shooting out of the wooden benches that I realized this is not a show.”
“Have a plan. And even if the plan doesn’t work, it’s better to have a plan than not have one.”

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